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Young Child I, a 16 week semester, begins 21 August at the
Lexington studio @ 3 PM.  1 hour class.  

If you start classes after the beginning, your tuition will be pro-rated.

Young Child Kindermusik classes for 5 - 7 year olds take the musical educational experience further
as the child begins to learn to read the treble clef through games, dance, listening exercises, playing
instruments and acting out musical stories.  We use multiple methods, such as magnetic boards, dry
erase, chalk boards, manipulatives - and the most popular of all - ropes on the floor make up the
staff while the children are the notes.

YOUNG CHILD:  A pressure free approach to learning, but concrete enough because your
child is ready for the more abstract thinking processes that music requires.  Play remains the
primary way a young child learns, so throughout the curriculum will be a consistent effort to
balance active learning with the emotional reasoning aspects of a young child's mind. 

Kit: Folder, games bag, Family Songbook, CD, stickers, At Home cards and take home
paperwork for "homework," instrument (see below)

Semester I broadens the child's musical experience through the introduction of the
glockenspiel.  Learning how to keep a steady beat plus reading and writing musical
notations will help a child lay the initial groundwork for musical success!

Semester I instrument - glockenspiel

Semester II further develops the child's instrument-playing skills while developing the
greatest instrument of all - the voice!  Pressure free, developmentally appropriate concepts
help effectively prepare children for formal music instruction after age seven.

Instrument - continuing with the glockenspiel

Semester III builds on the child's natural interest in musical instruments with an
introdution to the 3-stringed dulcimer!  Learning about Appalachian music and the
dulcimer's heritage sets the stage for a sampling of Native American music.

Semester III instruments - 3-string dulcimer and glockenspiel

Semester IV explores multicultural music - from Japah to Hawaii to Africa, just to name
a few!  Children will learn basic notation concepts on their first wind instrument - the
recorder - while gaining confidence and appreciation for their own musical gifts.

Instruments - recorder and glockenspiel


The cost of the Young Child I semester is $170 tuition plus $65 for the kit.  You
may pay for the kit on the first day, plus $42.50 for one month's tuition, then
pay the rest of the tuition in monthly installments.