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                                                      FALL KINDERMUSIK CLASS DESCRIPTIONS

FALL VILLAGE:  (Two eight-week sessions)  

Zoom Buggy Zoom Buggy!Swoosh, vroom, and clickety-clack your way through this
delightful unit. Babies and adults will dance, sing, and play instruments
to the theme of being on the go. Chug around the room to the song
“Little Red Caboose,” hold on tightly while “Riding in the Buggy,” and
dance your way to “Zoom-e-oh!” Engage in rituals and playful activities
such as infant massage, lap bounces, exercise, and quiet time.

Home Materials: Colorful board book of different vehicles—ZoomBuggy,Home CD of the
songs heard in class, a set of Art Banners for the nursery wall that strengthens visions and
promotes early literacy, and a set of shape shakers for music-making at home. The home
materials set is offered with or without an adorable diaper bag that can be used for carrying
materials to and from class.

 Dream Pillow This title alone brings images of rocking, cuddling, singing, and lulling to sleep.
But leading up to sleepy time are many upbeat and playful activities. Babies and Adults will
swirl to a dreamy cloud dance “Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland.” They’ll also play baby appropriate
instruments to “Aiken Drum,” and “Sarasponda.” Favorite nursery rhymes like “Wee Willie Winkie,”
and “Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling,” are sprinkled throughout the classes. It’s easy to weave many of
the class songs and activities into your families’ daily routines.

Home Materials: A board book that calms and relaxes—Dream Pillow Lullaby, Home CD of the
songs heard in class, a set of Art Banners for the nursery wall that strengthens vision and promotes
early literacy, and a fish baby shaker for music-making at home. The home materials set is offered
with or without an adorable diaper bag that can be used for carrying materials to and from class. 


 Milk & Cookies-- Make everyday home activities and chores easier
and more fun with music! Cook and sing to “The Muffin Man”; dust and
clean to the original song “In My House”; get ready to wash clothes to
the delightful poem “Washing Machine”. Baking cookies, eating cupcakes,
blowing on hot cross buns, wiggling like jelly, going grocery shopping and
making tea are all represented in familiar as well as new songs. Move,
play, and sing together in developmentally appropriate activities created
just for 1 ½ to 3-year-olds. Capture the familiar and new moments of
the day and learn how music can impact your toddler.

Home Materials: Double CD featuring songs from class; two books—At
My House and Cookies, two Home CDs, stir xylophone instrument, and
a Home Activity Book—all arriving in a durable lunch bag.


Hello Weather! Let’s Play Together!-- Sunshine, rain, snow,
thunderstorms, and more in this imaginative and delightful
weather-related musical adventure. Preschoolers create
storm sounds with a drum to “Wild Storms,” jump in pretend
puddles to “Mud Puddle Jump,” throw pretend snow-balls to
“Snowballs,” and sing along to “Colors of the Rainbow.” With
weather as our learning theme, preschoolers will explore
musical styles that range from Opera to American folk, and
become more self-sufficient in a creative musical environment
that integrates music, pretend play, storytelling, movement,
and more.

Home Materials: Two books—Michael Finnigan and Hurry Home,
Little Kittens, Hello Weather Play Set, Two Home CD with over
63 recordings of the stories, games, and weather sound effects
played in class, 46-page Family Activity Book, and two instruments
—ankle bells and rain shaker with scraper. ___________________________________________________________



Semester One-- Everything your child learns later in semesters 2, 3, and 4 begins with this early
introduction to singing, reading, and writing music and rhythm. Through dances and games that
focus on rhythmic development, we'll learn a keyboard instrument—the glockenspiel—which will be
used throughout all the Young Child classes. Your At Home Materials provide the music, instruments,
stickers, and activities for a home version of the same playful activities you'll hear about from class,
so your child—and you!—can learn where you're most comfortable: at home.

Home Materials: Children’s Folder with stickers, games bag, and Music At Home Cards, Family Songbook,
Home CD of music from class, glockenspiel, and canvas bag (during first semester).Young Child / Semester
Monthly Mini Themes:
  • Lessons 1-4: Music is Everywhere: We live in a world of sound. As students listen, learn and
    explore the sounds that are all around us, they are developing important skills that can enhance
    all later learning.
  • Lessons 5-8: Ready Steady Go! Musical beats can be fast or slow. They make our toes feel like
    tapping and our feet feel like marching. A steady beat is the underlying pulse of music and of life.
    Mixing up the steady beat into smaller and longer pieces give us music! We will listen to the rhythm
    of weather in the rain and wind and even a musical storm composed by Beethoven in his Pastoral Symphony.
  • Lessons 9-12: The Melody of Nature: Birds sing to us with many voices and songs. Melody is the part
    of music that we want to sing. The language of melody starts with games about high and low. Join us
    for songs, imaginative play and instrument exploration, all exploring MELODY.
  • Lessons 13-15: Glockenspiels – Pre Keyboard Skills! Musical learning for kids who are 4-6 is all about
    experiencing music through play and HANDS ON exploration. In this unit we use the pre-keyboard
    instrument called a Glockenspiel to organize and expand learning about steady beat, melody, and rhythm.

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