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Music Makers Testimonials

Music Makers Testimonials

Music Makers needs to make sure everyone knows music lessons are not just
for kids.  I am a grandfather and never had time for music lessons before.
My teacher is great, and I love my lessons and enjoy practicing during the
week.  My teacher makes it all so clear - it's great.

When I come to Music Makers I'm anticipating a nurturing, positive learning
experience for myself as well as my children from the minute we arrive.  We
meet new friends, have fun and learn, learn, learn.  It's an important bonding
time.  And I'm frequently surprised by how much my children have learned.

I love the fact that the family can come to Music Makers once per week and
take care of 2 dance lessons plus 2 music lessons all in one visit.

I have never had a babysitter because of not feeling comfortable leaving my
child with someone else.  But I happily leave my daughter with her piano teacher
and run errands

Today in Kindermusik my child willingly shared an instrument for the first time.

We love our guitar teacher. 

I went to preschool with Joseph this morning to celebrate his birthday.  The class
was learning all about Joseph and when his teacher asked, "Joseph, if you got to
go anywhere you wanted to go, where would it be?"  "Kindermusik," was his answer!!!!!!!
Thanks, we love our music!

We love our music teachers but Mom's favorite part is bringing all the children
at one time for lessons.  We are in and out in half an hour and everyone got
their music lesson.

Banjo lesson is the highlight of my week.  We have a blast!


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