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Special Needs

Individuals with special needs are very welcome at Music Makers.  Whether
in Kindermusik, music lessons, or group music classes, we will do whatever it
takes to be able to offer the same music education and success to all.

Over the years, many people with Down Syndrome, autism, physical difficulties,
learning disabilities and other issues have studied, worked and laughed with us.

Each person is a precious gift to others and we welcome all.

The more you can tell us about the student and the specific needs, the better we
can serve you.  Call us and tell us about the student, the needs, and what you
would like to accomplish.  (803) 781-3344

OUR MISSION:  To glorify God through the Arts, sharing the wonder of creation
                     in self expression in Music, Dance, and the Visual Arts; 
                     giving children direction, and wholesome and educational activities to
                     fill their minds and time.