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We have WI-FI!

MUSIC COMPOSITION CAMP  $50 per 3 day week

June 25 - 27 (Tuesday - Thursday)  10 AM - Noon
Open to elementary students, any instrument.

Don't just play music...learn to compose your own music!
We will explore basic music theory and rhythm to be able
to create a personalized piece of music with hands-on

July 25 - 27    (Tuesday - Thursday)    1 - 3 PM
Rising 6th graders and up, any instrument

We will review basic music theory and rhythm and you
will create our own personalized piece of music.  Older
students will also cover music history and learn how
various composers created their masterpieces.

OUR MISSION:  To glorify God through the Arts, sharing the wonder of
                     creation in self expression in Music, Dance, and Kindermusik;
                     to give children and adults direction, and wholesome and
                     educational activities to fill their minds and time.

Group Guitar Class

Group Guitar Class

Group guitar classes are a great way to experience the fun
of working with other students and have benefits you can't get
any other way.

Session 1:  June 13 & 14    10:00 AM - Noon   $35/student
Session 2:  July 11 & 12    10:00 AM - Noon    $35/student

Thinking Together
Getting a solid grasp of music theory.

Writing together
Sharing tips and tricks to express ourselves making good music.  
Get guidance for composing without taking up private lesson time.

Performing Together
Group performances are the highlight of recitals.  Playing in an
ensemble is a great way to practice rhythm and counting skilss.  
Four beginners can make remaaarkable music together!

Must come to the July session to perform in the July 19 recital.

Guitar Group Class