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Special Offer to Homeschoolers
Many of us at Music Makers are homeschoolers, and we would like to encourage
homeschoolers in the Columbia, SC, area to get your children into music lessons. 
(Music is the only activity that stimulates every area of the brain.) We offer
you a 20% discount if you come during "off hours" - if you come after public
school is dismissed, you will not get the discount.

This means that instead of paying $21 per half hour lesson, or $90 per month,
you will pay only $16.80 per lesson, or $72 per month.  All our teachers are
highly qualified and well worth the higher price.  This offer is made because we
appreciate what you are doing in homeschooling your children and wish to encourage

To register, email or call us.

OUR MISSION:  To glorify God through the Arts, sharing the wonder of creation in
                    self expression in Music and the visual arts; giving children and
                    adults direction, and wholesome and educational activities to fill
                    their minds and time.