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Summer 2009 Kindermusik

We have WI-FI!! 

Summer Kindermusik Adventures

This summer you can choose between a one week (5 day) Kindermusik experience or
the more traditional once-per-week for 5 weeks.
   Or, since we are using different
curricula, you can choose to do BOTH!

One-week Camp  (5 days)                             Once a week camp (5 weeks)
June 22 - 28                                          Week of July 6 - Week of August 3 in Irmo
$100 each child,                                      $90 each child, includes Kindermusik kit
includes Kindermusik kit                               45 - 60 minute class once each week, 5 weeks
Location: Music Makers studio, Irmo                 In downtown Columbia, July 1, 8, 22, 29 & August 5.
90 minutes each day                                 
Schedule listed below.

2 - 4 years
9:00 - 10:30 AM
Marvelous Me
Kindermusik class, games,
free play, snack.

4 - 7 years
10:45 AM - 12:15 pm
Jazz Kitchen
Kindermusik class, snack,
games, free play

Once a week camp schedule  (Begins July 6):                                 (Begins July 1)

Irmo studio                                            First Baptist Church, downtown Columbia
Village (birth - 18 months)                           Village (birth - 18 months)
Busy Days                                              Busy Days
Mondays @ 9:30 AM                                  Wednesdays @ 9:30 AM
Thursdays @ 9:30 AM

Our Time (1.5 - 3 years)                             Our Time (1.5 - 3 years)
Creatures at the Ocean                               Creatures at the Ocean
Mondays @ 10:30 AM                                Wednesdays @ 10:30 AM
Thursdays @ 10:30 AM

Imagine That (3 - 4 years)
On the Road
Mondays @ 1:15 PM
Tuesdays @ 4:00 PM

Young Child (5 - 7 years)
Tell Me a Tale
Tuesdays @ 6:00 PM


Busy Days
Set your baby's day to classical music.  With a little more Tchaikovsky in your "Twinkle, Twinkle,"
repertoire, you'll discover new ways your baby benefits from the classics.

Creatures at the Ocean:
introduces Parent and Child to many waterfront friends, including the seagull, whale, dolphin, crab,
and octopus.  Beach fun is the focus with beach ball play, sand play and sheet-simulated waves! 
Explore ocean movements such as a whale spouting, sing to delightful music including a lively
Calypso tune, and make music with unique instruments such as fish shakers.

On the Road
All the silly car ride games and itchy-scratchy songs of summer make this camp a joyful learning
experience for your child.  Pass on all the greats such as Eye Spy, and find shapes in the clouds
in a new "Kindermusical" way.

Tell Me a Tale:
Through storytelling, your child will develop an early awareness of rhythm, movement, singing and drama.
Each lesson features a new tale from around the globe, explored through multi-instrument and multicultural

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