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In addition to our teachers              YES!                   ?
all being excellent performers
and teachers, all are kind and
friendly - no "artistic
temperaments" at Music Makers.

Class size limited to 10                   YES!                  No
students to make sure
each student gets individual
instruction during class

All music students are trained           YES!                  Several students have transferred
in music reading and theory,                                    to us from other studios in the
including voice and guitar                                       Columbia, SC area who were not
                                                                                     taught any theory or technique -
                                                                    even after 2 years.

After only 9 months in business          YES!                 Not to our
it was necessary for us to add 2                               knowledge
more teaching rooms!  Two years
later we added 2 more.

We have WI-FI                          YES!                  ?

Our pianos are always in tune -          YES!                  ?
we have an onsite piano tuner!

You can schedule lessons                 YES!                   ?
for several students at one time
and save
time and travel.

Our lobby has a puppets, books,         YES!                  ?
blocks, and other toys to entertain
siblings while waiting.

Our goal is to serve and                  YES!                  ?
support your family through
the Arts. 

People have commented that they        YES!                  ?
were so happy and comfortable
here they found themselves
walking around barefoot.

Three optional yearly recitals.              YES!                 ?
In December we take groups             
of students to local nursing
homes.  In the summer we
have our traditional recitals
In the spring we go to nursing 

OUR MISSION:  To glorify God through the Arts, sharing the wonder of
                    creation in self expression in Music, Dance, and the
                    Visual Arts; giving children and adults direction, and
                    wholesome and educational activities to fill their minds
                    and time.

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