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Q: Where is the studio?
We are at 10071 Broad River Road in Irmo, SC.  It is 1.6 miles west of the I-26
     interchange.  (Signs say 76 west.)  and .3 miles from the light at Woodrow and
     Broad River Road.  If you are traveling west, we are on the left,in Hunter Village
     shopping center. 
The building is "L" shaped and we are in the "elbow," Suite H. 

Q: What about make-up lessons?
If you are in a Kindermusik class and miss a class, you are encouraged to attend
     another class to make-up the missed class, even a different type of class. 
     (For example, if you miss an Our Time class, you could elect to visit a
     Family Time class for make-up.)

     We limit make-up sessions for private music lessons to twice per year, and only
     because of sickness.  Our teachers are very busy, dedicated people and it is
     difficult for them to schedule extra times for make-up.  Our goal is to see the
     same dedication from students that we see from our teachers.

Q: Can we come twice a month for lessons instead of every week?
The answer is "No."  The reason for this is research has shown that the average
     person needs the accountability of going to a weekly lesson to keep them practicing. 
     This leads to a helathy habit of regular practice.  When people of any age take
     lessons bi-weekly, they tend to take the first week off, thinking they have plenty
     of time.  Half way through the second week they realize they need to practice,
     but by then they can't remember what was taught and they have lost the
     "feel" of that musical piece.  This leads to discouragement and a potentially
     gifted musician quits.

Q: Why is the Kindermusik kit required?
In order to get the very most out of your Kindermusik experience, we would like
     you to do Kindermusik 7 wonderful days for 7 wonderful years.  To do this, you
     need the kit.  The kits contain CD's with all the songs we do the entire semester.  
     There are instruments for play alongs, literature books, and activity books.  All
     week long the caregiver is reinforcing and adding to the benefits of Kindermusik
     class.  Also, if you miss a class, you will still receive the weekly e-mail message
     with ideas for using your kit to entertain and educate your child.

Q: Do you have recitals?
     We have a yearly recital plus visits to nursing homes and a Christmas party/recital.

       Kindermusik classes are for children younger than age 8, and at this age we are
     looking to make
musical children - not child musicians.  However, we would strongly
     encourage you to bring Kindermusik children to recitals if you think they could sit
     quietly because it will give them a taste of what they can do when they are a little 

Q: If my child takes dance lessons at Music Makers, which recital will he/she be in?
     Annual dance recitals are in May.

Q: At what age can my child start private music instruction?  Why won't you teach a
     3 year old the piano?  
We will start children on the piano at age 5 years because
     we have found a series of lesson books that are very friendly to young childen
For all other instruments we recommend waiting until 6 - 8 years of age. 
     Playing an instrument is a multi-level task and the average child is not ready
     for this before the age of 6 - 8 years.  When we start a child too young, the typical
     result is the child compensates by learning to play by ear and skips the learning-
     to-read-music stage.  This is a very sad thing to happen since once a person has
     learned to play by ear, it becomes almost impossible to learn to read music.  This
     means they will never be able to pick up a score of an unknonwn song and just play
     it.  They will be reduced to playing things they have heard or their own compositions. 
     But they wil be barred from a large part of the music

     If you have a young child who obviously loves music and you want to share that
     love with your child, the place for you is a Kindermusik class.  Check out our
     Kindermusik page!


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