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2014 Kindermusik

  WE HAVE WI-FI!                                                       SEVEN WONDERFUL DAYS!  
                                                   SEVEN WONDERFUL YEARS!

Satisfaction guaranteed                   To sign up for a class, call or email us.                   

Kindermusik is the best known and most respected name in        
children's music and movement today.  

Our baby and toddler class (ages birth - 3 years) will be on Mondays at 10:00, starting
October 21.  This year we will do 4 week session with digital home kits.
COST for each 4 week session is $55..

The preschool class for 3 - 4 years will be on Wednesdays at 3:30, starting September 9,
2015 and ending January 27. 2016.  This fall we are doing the unit, "Hello,

Weather!  Let's Play together!"

Cost:  Tuition for 16 weeks - $160    Required kit - $57

Our oldest class  5 - 7 years will be introduced to music reading through games with 
Young Child I - IV.  We will continue learning to read music, play rhythm, play
singing games, and learn some basic dance steps.  This class will on on Fridays at
3:30 PM, starting September 11 and concluding on January 22, 2015.  We will be
doing Semester III this fall.

Cost:  Tuition for 16 weeks - $170     Required kit - $68

We take cash, checks and credit/debit.  You can pay tuition in 4 monthly installments.


Musical activities stimulate development in every area of the brain:  Physical, Language,
Cognitive, Social, Emotional, & Musical!
To increase the benefits of Kindermusik, you
receive a kit which includes CD's with all the music we do that semester, literature books,
activity books and an instrument.  

We encourage you to play along with your Kindermusik music! 
If you have never been in
Kindermusik before, you are welcome to try a free preview class before enrolling.

Twice we have been awarded Best Music Program for Children in the Columbia, SC, area by
Palmetto Parent magazine.

Be a Part of the Kindermusik Experience!  Click here:

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Children need to feel safe and be happy in order to learn.  The Kindermusik
classroom is meant to be a nurturing, stimulating and happy place.  Occasionally,
a child will be aggressive toward other childen or scream throughout the class.

When your child is aggressive (hitting, scratching, kicking, pushing, spitting)
toward other children, or screaming, we ask you to take your child out of the
room for Time Out for each and every offense.  If your child is testing you,
you may be in and out of the classroom several times at first, but this
procedure usually solves the problem.  We have provided a time out chair
in the hallway for this.

 The rules are:
  The child should be placed in the chair and told he/she must sit there 
  quietly until allowed to get up.

  Length of time is one minute per year of the child's age.  (2 years old
   = 2 minutes in the chair.)

  The caregiver should stand nearby to make sure the child stays in the 
  chair, but otherwise should not talk to or entertain the child in any way.

  If your child has been aggressive toward another child, he/she must say,
   "Sorry," to the offended child when re-entering the classroom.

Please put shoes, purses, diaper bags, cell phones, and anything else that
could be distracting in the cubbies in the closet.  Thank you.

We reserve the right to give a refund for un-taught classes and ask a
family to withdraw in the event of a persistently aggressive child.

Upon registering, parents will be asked to read and sign a hard copy of
this statement, indicating they understand and will comply with it.

OUR MISSION:  To glorify God through the Arts, sharing the wonder of
                    creation in self expression in Music, Dance and other
                    Arts; giving children and adults direction, and wholesome
                    and educational activities to fill their minds and time.